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Karen Moussou

Hi – I'm Karen Moussou

You are a beautiful expression of the Divine and I'm so happy we've met. We are on such a journey together. There are no accidents . . . we've found each other for a reason. May you be blessed this day and know you are loved. 

Allow me to introduce myself a bit. I love looking for the mystical nuance in every aspect of life. I strive to enrich, empower, and inspire people, helping them draw ever closer to their Higher Self and the Divine.

We each have a special purpose on this beloved planet. My passion is to help each person connect to their unique mission and express the innate goodness they came here to share. I am definitely a work in process – as are we all – and am always open to gaining greater clarity along the way and helping others do the same. 

You'll find my CD, Grace, is a compilation of affirmative and meditative prayers, designed to help listeners feel connected to the Creator through gratitude and prayer. The CD germinated in healing groups and meditations I have lead over the years. Grace is a an expression of Oneness and celebration.

One thing I really enjoy about working as a speaker, writer/editor, and Spiritual Guide is energetically connecting with people. When people resonate with a message or discover new ways to see things, they gain greater insight to their own essence. I am honored to help people learn to better feel and express their souls. Please contact me if you are interested in an individual session.