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Karen Moussou

Karen Moussou: Grace


As your mind clears of chatter and your body relaxes, the spoken prayers (and underlying meditative music) in the CD Grace help you release, rejuvenate, and expand - - feeling the common bond we all share as a facet of the One.

Karen's heart-centered voice flows prayerfully through soothing music, taking you across continents and through cultures. Contemplative piano, inspiring Native American drum, soulful African acoustic guitar, the sounds of surf, wind chimes, and laughter evoke dimensions of sensory depth as these affirming meditations lead you through tranquil vignettes. 

The CD is a way to start the day thinking positively, or end the day feeling Love. Let the affirming prayers cleanse your mind as you workout at the gym, care for your home and family, or carve out a moment of solitude for ourself. Listen, center, and embrace the richness of your life.

Every thought becomes a prayer . . . prayers of joy, prayers of gratitude. Move beyond negativity and doubt; replace it with genuine love as you breathe in joy and reveal the Light within.

As we express our unique soul Light, the veil lifts and we see the Light in others. 

Escape into your heart.