Karen Moussou

Spiritual Guide and minister 

I've had a lifelong interest in metaphysics built on religious and spiritual studies, history, mythology, and archeology. This has lead me through the broad and diverse study of: Unity Principles, Healing Prayer, Self-Realization Fellowship, the Divine Feminine, Reiki, Distance Healing, ESP, the teachings of Native-American and other indigenous cultures, the I Ching, our Galactic star brothers and sisters, any and all Higher Consciousness studies . . . If it is mystical and filled with Light, I'm interested. Along my journey, I have developed a particular affinity with the benevolence and guidance of the I AM Discourses and the Ascended Masters.

I am available for:
        Church services, baptisms, weddings, funerals
        Prayer/meditation workshops
        House Blessings/Spiritual Cleansing

        Healing of "Lost Souls" (Ghosts)
        Individual consultations regarding spiritual growth

        Flower Essence Consultations

        Essential Oil Consultations



Developmental Writer/Editor

I have always been able to see both sides of a story and help explain concepts so that people can hear the words deeply. In particular, I relish in distilling complex metaphysical subjects down to the essence that speaks to your heart – that’s where the magic happens. This ability has led to my work as a writer and developmental editor.

Since most folks have a decent idea of what a writer does, allow me to define my work as a developmental editor. I work with project development and assist authors (and artists) with structure, concept, content, tone, and overall presentation. I help make the text clear, readable, and engaging. My goal is to honor the author's voice as I help them relate to the intended audience. 


Writing/Editing  –  Spiritual Consulting and Ministry  –  Essential Oils